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My bouzouki building Photo Album Page: 10

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i shape my necks with a belt sander.and glue a 3/32" thick
fretboard to it.
lay the fret board down on the flat board you've been useing and glue it to the neck. lay weights on the back of the neck to get the seal tight.
when its dry, sand the fret board flush with the sides of the neck and cut the notch for the nut, but don't put it in yet. you have to cut the fretwire slots first.
use two pieces of flat steel strips to guide your saw while cutting the slots.
clamp them on the neck, leaving a gap between them for the saw blade.
don't cut too shallow or too deep. you don't want it to look bad, but you also want to make sure the fretwire is even all the way down the neck, so you will have no buzzing whiloe you play it.if it does buzz. find a good file and take down the protruding fret, but don't go too far, this is your last chance before you have to replace the fret.