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Sorry there are no graphics yet,I'll try to update later when my scanner is hooked up. I'll do my best with words. It's not too hard at all. Basicly you pick the melody note with you'r index finger followed by a strum with the second third and forth fingers, than a pluck of the fifth string with the thumb. Now let's get the right hand position. With you'r banjo ready in your lap, pretend you are holding a hammer in you'r right hand. Now pretend you are driving a nail into you'r left thigh. your hand should now be in front of you'r banjo with the back of your fingers facing the strings. Thats right, you play the strings with the back of you'r fingernails. Now for the rythem, say the word "CLAW-HAMMER". CLAW is the index finger striking the melody note. The HAM in hammer is the brush stroke, and the MER is the plucking of the fifth string with the thumb. Now let's get that right hand movement right. You'r hand should be moving up and down swiveling at the wrist and a slight twist of the forearm. Now don't forget to let you'r thumb slap the banjo head and rest on the fifth string with each downward movement of the hand, even at the CLAW part, where the fifth string isn't plucked. the way to pluck that string when you need to,just quickly bend you'r thumb like you are lighting you'r old zippo. Sometimes you'r going to want to pick two single notes, instead of the pick, brush and pluck This is called "Drop thumbing". It usually happens at the second half of a measure. So the whole measure will go:"CLAW HAMMER PICKA HAMMER" Now let me break it down. First strike the melody note with the index finger, brush with the second third and forth fingers, and pluck the fifth string with the thumb like usual. Now for the second half of the measure, strike the desired note with the index finger while placing you'r thumb between the strings so it can imediately follow with a pluck of the next note. Now just do the brush stroke, and pluck the fifth string and that's it. p.s.CLAW is usualy a quarter note and,HAMMER Is usualy two eighth notes.